Wash away the pandemic blues in Pink city

While traveling in 2020 calls for bold thinking, wash away your pandemic blues with your few days in the Pink city. Escond on one nook of the Nahargarh Fort, where the sun swayed slightly above and the moon will march in the sapphire sky. The pink city, Jaipur is known for its history and architecture. The statement is a paradox: how? We are mistaken; the city is quite larger than life. Home to UNESCO’s world heritage site is infamous. The fun phase of Jaipur is obscured, so let’s realistically recognize it.

Welcome to the infamous world of Jaipur where you’d acquaint with hidden jewels, like the offbeat treks, cultural spots, nightlife hubs, eat to places, and stays offering the vibes of a royal stay.


  1. Water valley trek – During this pandemic, make a beeline for the Water valley trek starting from Charan mandir near Nahargarh fort. Your itinerary should be trekking and absorbing greenery in daylight and ending your day with a glass of wine under the moonlight in Nahargarh fort.
  2. Chour Ghati – It is not an architectural offering in Aravali but the quietest one. The trek begins from Galta valley and is located 14 km from Pink city center. 3-4 hours of the trek and you’ll be intrigued to know how the palace was used by dacoits and thieves in earlier times.
Chour Ghati

3. Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev – Brisk up against the undulating hills along with the meditative rhythm of nature. The trek begins from Sagar Lake and is located within 8 km from Pink city center. It is not only credited for a pilgrimage to Lord Shiva but experience to witness an ageless temple.

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev

4. Achrol fort – Jaipur – Delhi highway plies entrance to Achrol village with few Havelis. One of them is Achrol fort, which is trying to retain its charm but people are deteriorating it. The starting point of the Achrol trek is Birla Mandir and you can also indulge yourself in rappelling.

Rappelling in Achrol Fort

5. Bhangarh fort – The visit to this small hamlet in Alwar will give you heebies – jeebies. The true spooky stories of the fort, unnatural activities, mired in the legends of sorcerers, and black magic don’t allow tourists to enter the fort after sunset. Crumbling ruins of the village, uncanny atmosphere and spooky vibes make it one of the ghost places in Jaipur.

The spooky Bhangarh Fort


As the sun dips below the horizon, pavilions of Jaipur lights up the city. After spending a day as an architectural aficionado, infuse the spark in your day at night. The city is lined with lively restaurants listed below which will light up your nightlife in Jaipur –

  1. Amar Jawan Jyoti – The flame of immortal soldiers built to honor the brave martyr and soldiers of Jaipur. As you walk through the path, the lively lights change the color of the monument and light up the democratic city. Their energy, their heroic deeds, and their sacrifices are as eternal as the flame of Amar Jawan Jyoti.
Amar Jawan Jyoti
Eternal flame

2. Albert Hall Museum – Culture and art of Jaipur are rooted in the museum. A wide collection of artifacts like paintings, carpets, ivory, metal sculptures, coins from Mughal and British periods, and an Egyptian Mummy could be witnessed. How is it indifferent? It too seems to be one larger usual edifice of the city. Where’s the evening dose? Fret not, enormous lights shrouds the museum at night and it seems like a star from the sky has settled down on the land.

Albert Hall Museum

3. House of People – Continue to walk in moonlit and serpentine lanes of Jaipur, enter this best cabaret, exchange pleasantries, have hearty meals of the place, and be caught in the euphoria of the moment.

House of People

4. Bar Palladio – A spruced-up place to embrace your day with the finest dining in Jaipur. A blue wonderland that is bold, yet exquisite; and contemporary yet classy. A place the delicious food talks to your soul.

Bar Palladio
Dine in Bar Palladio


Rajasthan’s fashion is aptly grabbed here and is filled with eye candies for tourists in Jaipur. Bapu Bazar and Nehru Bazar are filled with an assortment of Rajasthani traditional products like Jutis, Bangles, Dupattas, Sarees, Scarves, etc. The pertinent tip of shopping items is Mojaris, Artificial Jewellery, Clothes, Jaipuri Razaiyan, and handicrafts.

Bapu Bazar
Jaipur’s Fashion


Every time you travel to Jaipur, head in the steep lores and soak in the undiscovered culture of Rajasthan. So, next time you visit Jaipur head to the forts, museums but do not miss the below cultural edifices.

  1. Amrapali museum – Jaipur had been the home places of rulers and they say that there is more about them in the Amrapali museum than anywhere else. If you want to look at the bling lifestyle of the rulers, it houses all types of jewelry from every region of India. It will throw you back at the scene from the Dhoom 2 robbery scene of the museum. And it completely says about the bling lifestyle of rulers.
  2. Anokhi museum – A part of Amber fort disseminates hand-printed textiles. The intriguing work of hand painting is unique and inspirational for the general public and today’s craftsmen as well. You too can try your hands on it. Though machine-made clothe is the choice of today but nothing can replace the simplicity and elegance of hand-printed textiles.
Anokhi Museum
Hand- printed textiles


Traveling the best place and eating at the best pit stop makes a journey complete. The below food stations not only go beyond excellence but makes your tummy smile.

  1. Padao Restaurant – Restaurant located in Nahargarh fort will never leave you disheartened with a view. If you don’t want to splurge on food, the place is not for you. But the horizon of the sky with a hot plate of food will fill your heart and stomach. It is one of the romantic places in Jaipur City.
Padao restaurant

2. 1135 AD. – The royal dining in Amer Fort boasts the glorious Rajasthani culture with live music and performances. It goes without saying that royalty reflects in the taste of the food as well. If you want to dine as the royal kings did in their times, in that ambiance, with the views of the forts and palaces, it is for you.

1135 AD
Dining in Amer Fort

3. The tattoo cafe and lounge – Instagram fit pictures with the view of Hawa Mahal and chai are shot in here. The aura of the café is blended with western and digital tastes.

The tattoo cafe and lounge

4. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur – Do you want to try scrumptious dishes in Jaipur? The place serves the best Asian and Continental dishes. Here pervades the Rajasthani culture and features a restored steam engine and a recreated Victorian station as well. The fine selection of liquors will light up your day.

Rambagh Palace


Your stay in Jaipur should be just confined to rooms and restaurants but four-walled stays with stories where every little décor and service tells a tale. If you look forward to royal stays which are just not a statement address but spend few days in below listed personalized services, exclusive luxury and royalty, and state of the art facilities crafted for the elite. Your royal abode should be at –

  1. Samode palace
  2. Hari Mahal Palace
  3. Rajmahal Palace

I’ve undiscovered the obscured part of Jaipur, do not forget to include them in your Jaipur itinerary next time. Do let me know if you know any more.

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