• Exploring Jaipur
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    Jaipur – Where history and royalty meets

    A wise traveler never despises his own country.                                                          – William Hazlitt Commemorating the anniversary of my beloved uncle and aunt, I went to Jaipur and India’s beauty unfolded. If I talk about tourism in India, Jaipur gravitates to our history from past to present. An adventurous goon in me would never fall in love with the history or architecture until I stepped in Jaipur. Jaipur, the pink city blossomed my soul, the way a flower blossoms the plant. The lore of streets, palaces, museums, and forts of Jaipur well define India’s architecture and history. You aren’t adventurous? High-fi, me too because history had been as exciting as watching paint…

  • Kullu

    Does God still linger in Kullu?

    I am irrevocably in love with mountains and we, Indians are bestowed upon by the Himalayas. Ringed by the staggering peaks of Himalayas lies Kullu district, another place I have fallen in love with where God still lingers. Not only because I was lost in awe-kind-of love with Valley of  Gods, but being such a budgeted place as well. You could be trekking uphill, feeling the weather of Kullu, witnessing Kullu Dussehra, sipping coffee in a cafe, chasing the sunset, feeling the aerial view of Kullu district from hot air balloon, or making a visit to the fishes while river rafting. Just hop on. Kullu intertwined me for its historic shrines, rich…