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    Wash away the pandemic blues in Pink city

    While traveling in 2020 calls for bold thinking, wash away your pandemic blues with your few days in the Pink city. Welcome to the infamous world of Jaipur where you’d acquaint with hidden jewels, like the offbeat treks, cultural spots, night life hubs, eat to places, and stays offering the vibes of a royal stay.

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    Jaipur – Where history and royalty meets

    A wise traveler never despises his own country.                                                          – William Hazlitt Commemorating the anniversary of my beloved uncle and aunt, I went to Jaipur and India’s beauty unfolded. If I talk about tourism in India, Jaipur gravitates to our history from past to present. An adventurous goon in me would never fall in love with the history or architecture until I stepped in Jaipur. Jaipur, the pink city blossomed my soul, the way a flower blossoms the plant. The lore of streets, palaces, museums, and forts of Jaipur well define India’s architecture and history. You aren’t adventurous? High-fi, me too because history had been as exciting as watching paint…