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Jaipur – Where history and royalty meets

A wise traveler never despises his own country. 

                                                        – William Hazlitt

Commemorating the anniversary of my beloved uncle and aunt, I went to Jaipur and India’s beauty unfolded. If I talk about tourism in India, Jaipur gravitates to our history from past to present. An adventurous goon in me would never fall in love with the history or architecture until I stepped in Jaipur. Jaipur, the pink city blossomed my soul, the way a flower blossoms the plant. The lore of streets, palaces, museums, and forts of Jaipur well define India’s architecture and history. You aren’t adventurous? High-fi, me too because history had been as exciting as watching paint dry but walking in the sublime palaces is mind-boggling. Let’s lose our soul in the enthralling architecture of India for once and sense the presence of history-making figures.

Unfolding history of Jaipur

You don’t have to walk to every historic place of Jaipur. Behold my ultimate guide to the actual incredible places to travel in Jaipur:

Amer Fort

If you’re not from Jaipur, the first fort should be Amer fort as it is a heartthrob of Bollywood. Elephants will escort you from foothill to the Amer fort.

Adding beauty to history of Amer Fort
Elephants will escort you uphill

According to ancient folklore, one of the attractions is Sheesh Mahal adorned with thousands of mirror tiles and could be illuminated with a single candle.

Adding beauty to history of Amer Fort

It also has a magical flower named “Fresco”, how different imagery when seen from different angles. When you stroll in the palace, walk through the tunnel to reach Jaigarh fort.

Amer Fort

Jaigarh Fort

If you came through the tunnel, it would be fascinating to know that it was the provision of escape in case of an emergency. If you truly want to absorb the historical experience, INR 35 is the entrance fee and highly recommended place in Jaipur for tourists. You may stroll in the museum, be in awe of old photographs, world’s largest cannon on wheels – Jaivana, the mysterious water tank which was not ordinary and was used to store treasures, drainage systems which are still in work and then, walk out of the mythical world and inhale the beauty from the top of it, where you witness Aravali range spread in several miles.

Culture vulture from Jaipur
In awe of old photographs

Albert Hall Museum

I stepped inside and my jaws dropped when I found 16 galleries of Metal Art, Arms and Armor, Pottery, Sculptures, Miniature Paintings, Clay Works, Marble Art, International Art, Ivory, Jewelry, Woodwork and Furniture, Coins, Musical Instruments, Garments, Carpet, and miscellaneous. No, don’t step out in day time as you’ll find the element of surprise at night. Fret not, it is safe to travel in Jaipur.

Albert Hall Museum
Neon colors of Jaipur

Hawa Mahal

I was tired and retreated myself to Wind view café and I had this crown-shaped palace with 953 small windows in front and I was wondering what if my house too had such many ventilations.

View from Wind View Cafe

The idea behind this vintage palace was to let the royal women view the daily life of the city through the windows without being seen and I was outside watching those windows and blessed to be breathing in the freedom, I have today as a woman. In my opinion, it was built with a vision of fitness with no stairs to reach the top 5 floors but only ramps. You must include visiting the tallest building in the world without a foundation.

953 windows of Hawa Mahal

Nahargarh Fort

A beautiful visit to the fort at night where the sky is pocketed with stars and the moon was the highlight. The night beauty of Jaipur city and that night told a story. Your visit to Jaipur will be incomplete if you do not visit Nahargarh fort after sunset. The scenes from Rang De Basanti and Jodha Akbar will be recalled here.

Parallel star view from Nahargarh Fort

If visiting during day time, it show cases the royal lifestyle of kings with each room connected through corridors and the picture says what I saw.

Royal Lifestyle
Path to two beauties

Chokhi Dhani

The taste and heritage of Rajasthan is beautifully created in this village. The wide land with every bit of Rajasthan from food, dance, Haldighati battle, camel rides, shopping, and shows is beckoning. At a cost of INR 900 to INR 400, you may imbibe in this artificial experience if you do not have time to visit the actual Rajasthan. Also, it is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur with family.

Chokhi Dhani
Glimpse from one of the shows
Well ornated in the culture of Rajasthan
Full yourself to the brim with Rajasthani food

Galtaji Temple

I have always seen the spiritual temples in downside V shape but this temple was altogether too different. The green bushes and trees were its crown with rounding roofs and pillars beautifully adorned. A holy shrine wedged in the mountains is believed to remove your sins and purify your soul. It is the holiest place in Jaipur and I sauntered around and felt the presence of God here because it is a home place of about 200 monkeys

Galtaji Temple

Jal Mahal

I wonder how it is semi-submerged in water and I was wallowing in my own thought of “HOW”.  I wanted to get in there but how, as the entry is restricted for visitors. A deep gazing at it will knock your socks off.

Semi-submerged Jal Mahal

World Trade Park

A smooth shift in taste from historical architectures to next-generation architecture, I found World Trade Park whose infrastructural design caught my eye. I found it to be prosaic with shopping, entertainment, and food facilities which you may opt to include in your visit list.

World Trade Park

This was for you, chronicling my journey to Jaipur. I sat in the car, headphones on, penning it down for Jaipur blog and in my own reveries if we too were bounded to have a view of the city through windows and that’s it. How was the life of kings and queens in the forts?

The pink city bookmarked as a place with majestic grandeur forts, too reserves space for wildlife, shopping, offbeat treks, cultural nightlife, adventures, and eating places.


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