Does God still linger in Kullu?

I am irrevocably in love with mountains and we, Indians are bestowed upon by the Himalayas. Ringed by the staggering peaks of Himalayas lies Kullu district, another place I have fallen in love with where God still lingers. Not only because I was lost in awe-kind-of love with Valley of  Gods, but being such a budgeted place as well. You could be trekking uphill, feeling the weather of Kullu, witnessing Kullu Dussehra, sipping coffee in a cafe, chasing the sunset, feeling the aerial view of Kullu district from hot air balloon, or making a visit to the fishes while river rafting. Just hop on. Kullu intertwined me for its historic shrines, rich culture, festivities, and Kullu’s tourism potential.

Valley of Gods

I left a piece of my heart in Tirthan Valley and followed the roads to Kullu which were surprising me with its majestic views on every turn and eventually, making me dance. Itinerary to Kullu was an aggregable celebration of my birthday and of course, the international festival of Dussehra.

I reached Kullu by HRTC bus but this is how you may reach Kullu –

Traveled Kullu completely by bus

                                            ContentsHow to reach Kullu

Fret not, this is how you’ll reach Kullu

Delhi to Kullu by bus – 
HRTC bus from Kashmere Gate to Kullu

Delhi to Kullu by train – Train from Delhi to Jogindernagar and then bus

Delhi to Kullu by air – Delhi to Bhuntar airport

Places very near to Kullu are Kullu Manali and Kasol which can be good to go option for long trips.

And, if you’d ask me,

The best time to visit Kullu?

The month to be circled on your calendar should be Dussehra of Kullu– it comes up sometime near October or November when the quiet town comes to life. I planned my birthday trip to Kullu, especially to enter the realm of Dussehra celebrations. Take my words; it is an unmissable event depicting its beauty and culture.
Festivals of Kullu as per calendar

February- March – Fagli celebrated in the month of Phagun. It is a common festival being celebrated from Manali to Tirthan Valley. It is a mask festival where huge torches of wood are also burnt.

Fagli festival
Holi celebration with colors and God

May-August – Local festivals are celebrated honoring their local deities and mela being held in different regions.

Deities of Kullu

October –
 Dussehra, the festival of Kullu is being celebrated.

Dussehra celebration by locals

November- December – Deities go in “Narol”, as being called by locals. The deity’s palanquin is kept in the temples and not taken out for months.

Festival of Kullu

Different seasons offer you different regional practices. So, you choose your month as per the season you want to visit in. The best season to visit Kullu is summers from March to June. Weather of Kullu is always welcoming; not too hot in summers, winters are found under snow and monsoons are blessed with heavy rains.

Always go for pre-booking on booking.com for your eco-friendly and affordable stays. On my visit to Kullu, all hotels were booked and I used OYO rooms in Akhara bazaar and stayed in Moon Inn Cafe, quite near where mela was held. 

Best stay options from Kullu – 

1.     Moon inn café – Rs 1300 – Contact – 9459437900

2.     The Gypsy hideout homestay – Approx Rs 248

3.     Ojas wooden cottage – Approx Rs 760

4.     Tent Dimension 11:11

My best stay and moment in Kullu
Sip coffee with balcony view

Check out more booking options 

The burning question of either to stay in Kullu or Manali is ever rising. Go for Kullu, being less expensive and barely an hour drive away.

We reached at the noon but the surreal view of the pristine river from the window had me. I stayed for 2 more days just because of my breathtaking stay in Kullu district.

Dussehra in Kullu

I began strolling by the streets in the evening and scouted around the Dussehra carnival/mela. Thousands of revelers congregated in Kullu and lighted it up with mirth. The festival takes you into the streets across the length and breadth of India, enriching its rich culture. I wandered on every stall and sections of Dussehra mela, capturing every bit of it.

Strolling around Dussehra mela

It turned out to be amazing and leading to the hub of Indian culture well organized with sections of all deities, food, shopping place, huge rides, fest, and whatnot. Do I really need to tell you more?

Nepalese Thangka

This was my favorite part. I was wondering of,

What can I buy in Kullu?

and then, I was left with myriads of options and bought Kullu shawl for my mother. You can also buy Tibetan and Himalayan handicrafts. And you know, what you must buy in Kullu is Nepalese Thangka, a 3D effect traditional Buddhist painting.

The mela added culinary flavors of food on my palette of experiences. Name it and the food from their origin was there. 

The famous food from Kullu are – 

Babru, Dhaam, Bhey, Chha Gosht, Mittha Siddu, Madra, Aktori, Tudkiya Bhath, Kullu Trout Fish and you will be full of it. Still hungry? Try your taste on Tibetan dishes like Thukpa, Momos, Thingmo, and Thentuk.

Siddu, best food from Kullu

I was mesmerized, how this festival brings together the diversified culture of India with dance and musical performances by the native artists. Keep your eyes peeled, not to miss the performance of stars. As it transcended, the event culminated by my favorite singer. 

Take my words, you won’t leave disappointed. There is much more to it when it comes to Kullu.

The Valley of Gods or Dev Bhoomi is blessed by myriads of deities, pilgrimage centers, and temples. My morning was allured by the culture where local followers were carrying their deities, with the chorus of instruments, religious practices, and the prayers of spectators and enough spirituality to make you believe in God if you are an atheist.

Cultural mornings

Google throws up many places to visit in Kullu but,

Here are the best places to visit in Kullu-

1.    1.  Bijli Mahadev –I started early for this sacred temple, being named after the fact that every year the temple gets struck by lightning and distorts the position of Shiva Linga. The priests attach it again using butter and Sattoo (a paste of roasted gram and wheat powder).  I boarded the bus at 8.30 am from the Kullu bus stand to Chansari Village for Rs 70/- in an hour. The trek ideally takes 1 hour or 2 hours, depends on how quickly you climb up hundreds of stairs to reach the uphill.  You will do it! It is worth it. A long breath of sigh and sheer happiness was felt when you’ll found yourself in a green paradise, you would say that you were on the fringe of it.  

Let’s rest a bit
Wee shops while trekking to Bijli Mahadev
Bijli Mahadev temple
Shiv’s blessing
Horses adding more life to this green paradise

A paradise of green expanse, small shops of food and yes, the horses.

Shiv Mahadev’s trishul

So, that won’t be it. Climb up few more stairs and worship Lord Shiva and feel his divine powers. You are his little child, so take a walk in his paradise and walk beyond the big Trishul and there, he will bless you with an unexpected and spellbound view of Parvati valley and the city of Kullu.

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Nostalgia is the best way to get over the blues💙 I was looking at this vibrant picture with a wide smile of mine from Bijli Mahadev and the very first thought was to bring that time back. The next thought, what if I have Doraemon’s anywhere door so that I could step down at any place😋 . But I don’t want that. Have I really been transfixed by this prevailing pandemic caused due to Covid19 or do I wish to step somewhere else? Thoughts wrangled around the whole night and I knew that I wanted to use that door to knock onto the doors of my own happiness. I want to knock on my own doors where lives a raw and awkward girl who is as happy as an elf itself. I knowwwww that not all days will be joyous, not all times will make us happy but it’s difficult for me to understand, WHYYYYY?????? Nothing has hit me hard, a mere thought while walking around the memories I got. . So, where would you knock if you get this anywhere door ?? . #the_travel_souvenirs #tripotocommunity #tripoto #colorsofhimachal #kullumanali #bijlimahadev #vibrantcolors #passionpassport #thetravelwomen #thetravelblog #mypixeldiary #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #incredibleindia . @natgeoindia @natgeoyourshot @natgeotravel @tripotocommunity @beautifulhimachal @colours.of.india @colours.of.himachal @streets.of.himalayas @discoverindia.magazine

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2.     2. Raghunath Temple – If you are not too religious and planned of visiting one temple, it should be Raghunath temple. It is devoted to Lord Rama designed in the Himachali paradigm. It is located near Post Office, Sultan Pur and a few minutes’ walk will take you to the Raghunath temple.

3.     3. Friendship peak – Truth be told, recommended to fittest trekkers. It is a difficult trek starting from Solang Valley but must be a part of Kullu tourism. It takes more than 2 hours to reach from Kullu. The trek offers you panoramic views and much more to be felt. Book a package, if planning to trek.

4.     4. Bhrigu Lake –Let’s go away from the city. The trek will throw you into a themed world full of green meadows, wildflowers, and horses, soundtracked by the rhythm of the river and magical tunes of pristine winds. Is this what you would dream of a perfect world for 4 days? Go in a group for the trek.

Bhrigu lake
Bhrigu lake, a walk to heaven

It is not only the valley of gods but offers various adventures too. If you are wondering where to begin, here is 

Reckoner to adventurous activities in Kullu 

1.    1.  Downhill cycling – Want to experience?

How about downhill cycling?

2. River Rafting in Kullu – The River rafting in Kullu is pretty amazing of course but I would recommend trying it at Rishikesh for the best experience.

River rafting in Kullu
Rafting friends from Kullu Valley

3.     3. Paragliding – It is one of the recreational activities in Kullu. Truth be told, paragliding in Bir Billing is the best in Himachal Pradesh. If you want to try paragliding in Kullu, approximate charges are –

Paragliding for 25-30 mins = Rs 600/-

Paragliding for 60 mins = Rs 1,000/-

Paragliding for 1hour 30 mins = Rs 1,200/-

High, higher and highest in the sky
Aerial view of Kullu

4.     4. Hot air balloon – If you have seen the city from the mountains, how about exploring it from the skies? A hot air balloon in Kullu is highly recommended. The comfortable and aerial view of Kullu can be enjoyed for Rs 900/- approx.

Make it romantic 

Don’t miss out on the local wine made from barley and red rice, known as Chakti and Lugri found in most restaurants. 

YouTube Video 

I had my share and moved ahead to my next birthday destination, Manali.

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