About me

Hi, my friends..!! My name is Shivangi, an aspiring Indian traveler. I always traveled either to escape my Monday blues or to escape the topsy-turvy times. So, this is how I came up with the name- escaping blues. Travelling and writing have always been my forte and this is how I could show my love towards them and helps fellow travelers to escape their blues. Telling a little about myself now, I am currently drudging to reach the top of the corporate stairs. So, with this blog, I will just pack my yesterday and escape. I am going to follow the map destined on my hands and follow its path to live my dream of traveling. While escaping blues, I will travel with no itinerary but will return here with a perfect itinerary for you. I will share my fable experiences and guide you best destinations to travel at cheap costs, best accommodations, and what not, to let you have the best experience. In short, a perfect itinerary from my failed ones to you. Also, I will pen down my personal experience, the air of destination, the touch of new people, taste of unknown food, my feet soaking in qualm, and nature’s magic emanating happiness. So, let’s go along and let our eyes witness, what they saw while being closed, a dream.