14 hours in Alwar

It was not an ordinary morning. It was the day of my birth and another surprise was waiting at my doorstep, my best friend with his hand-made cake. I was skeptical about my birthday plan as Covid-19 prevailed and was certain about celebrating it somewhere in Delhi. We were on the way, and he asked if we should go to Alwar? I indeed wanted to go out of Delhi but had to return back till 8 PM. I looked at him and he knew I wanted to go. And the followed hours were spent in Alwar.

It was a lovely morning where every gentle breeze waltzed in and kissed me a happy birthday. We were starving as always and I expected he had a plan for a sumptuous breakfast but all we could get at our pit stop were the closed restaurants. We sat down in the garden, basked in sunshine, and stared at Bikaner, and munched in our chips and juice. We again started our journey and we were on the highway. I told him a few days back that I want that Patakha Guddi feels of the mountains and that same vibe initiated from the highway and I held him tight and flew like a bird for Alwar.

Patakha Guddi Vibes

We had the beautiful roads with trees bent on both sides, welcoming us on one more beautiful journey, the well-sprinklers watering joy on the fields and the wide-eyed sky. While racing against the wind, in a few hours, I met my mountains. Not the green mountains but I had them like a feast. I gazed at them as my long left love has come to me. It was after 8 months that I had been in the laps of the mountains.

Racing against the wind

Google Maps, Instagram, and Travel bloggers had been a great help to plan such an impromptu trip on my way. The plan got sorted in 30 minutes and we were ready to view Alwar from two perspectives – forts and beauty. We started our tryst with Alwar with a visit to Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri. There was something atop the mountain, I could see a path of hundreds of stairs going up there. It looked incredibly beautiful, and it seems that the king of kings stayed there. It was inexplicably beautiful. There were few small shops on left, a fort in front and Musi Maharani ki Chhatri was a little walk away. A thousand years old tree stood at the entrance and haveli on the side, and I could recall the song “ Mhare hiwda mein naache mor” from Hum Saath Saath Hai”. The quaint and quirky Haweli had been the area where princesses would have danced in their times. The peacock would have accompanied them on the rainy days and they danced on the rhythm of the clouds.

Verandah in Moosi Mahrani ki Chhatri

We walked up the stairs and a huge fort with its umbrellas fitted at each corner, stood silent. We started losing ourselves to the fort. It was a grand and royal walk as we were stepping in. The fact that Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri was built by Maharaja Vijay Singh, in the memory of predecessor Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and the latter’s wife Maharani Moosi, who had committed “sati” (Self-isolation). She was the one who could produce a male heir to continue the legacy of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh, as none of the other wives could accomplish that.

Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri

As my eyes take in the surroundings, I could see a vintage area where water stood in all nooks before the triangular mountain. Wee boats floated in the water, which I believe are no more used but were shining bright in their own colors. Every element and design of it takes a leaf out of a royal feminine aura. We had our moments there and continued our journey towards the Bala Quila Fort.

Vintage area of water

We reached there and the gates were locked; skeptical if is closed today. Drivers with Safaris were sitting in loose groups, warming themselves with glasses of hot tea. We went to the side counter and found that it takes entry fees to enter in. Also, you can hire Safari vehicles to get a better experience and we always crave for best experiences out of ordinary. Also, guides have an advanced set of skills: the ability to tackle the testing terrain, a strong familiarity with wildlife behavior, and a deep understanding of geography and history.

Safari for better expedition

We hired a Safari with an instructor and a driver for Rs 600/-per person who’d trailblaze the path for us in the Jungle. It was gated and was laced with lush green Aravali range. It housed charming old forts, souvenir wells, and every bit of history lied there. We settled on the Safari and I started imagining every sense of history, a creative imagination that will make it the best day. Our instructor shared each and every bit of information as we encountered history and beauty on our way as relics of forts. In a span of hours, we were well informed with intriguing facts of the forts, the Aravali range, animals, their shelter, wells, artillery guns, and flowers. He stopped the Safari at intervals and our eyes landed upon small archaeological designs amid the Aravali range. We moved forward, and Deers behind the twisted, low-hanging branches and trees accompanied us. We spotted and chased the footprints of the Lion and I was equally terrified and exhilarated, but couldn’t spot the Lion and Leopards. Now, only 2 Lions and 10-12 Leopards are left there. We were in the land where many wars, defeats, and victories had been encountered but all I could feel amid the jungle was the environmental victory. We also spotted a flower called Adoosa which blooms in April-May and is used to make a cough syrup.

Wells for animals to quench their thirst

We were in the wildlife world and had reached the Bala Quila Fort.

 The fortifications have been excavated at the entrance with the presence of a policeman who stays there all the time.  Few parts of forts have been repaired and it had a swimming pool of their times as well, where princesses would come to swim. The rooms, the artillery, designs, and the gates strongly evoke the history of that time.

He spoke and the history morphed with elegance. We were strolling around and we came across a tree in the verandah, which would fulfill your wish. He touched it and prayed for his as well as for my wish.

Wishes come true

We climbed up the fort and my eyes came out when I saw the Katori-shaped Aravali range so clear. I wonder, how blessed those kings were to have this view every day. The best time to visit is the afternoon so that you can witness the sunset as well. My writing and adjectives won’t do justice to this experience, so do make a visit.

Katori-shaped Aravali Range

We finally made our way to Siliserh Lake where it was full of refuse and smell. I just felt that coming here was a big waste of time. But we were uncertain as it was highly recommended by travel bloggers. Eureka! We weren’t in the right place; the lake was 2 km away. Crossing the smelly lake, we paid Rs 100 for entry and had a large Siliserh lake in front. It is the scenic landscape and the rustic world that beckons you. A restaurant with a dreamy lakeside view is available where boats gently float in the waters.

Turquoise blue waters of Siliserh Lake
14 hours in Alwar

I had a tryst with the turquoise blue waters and spent the last few hours in Alwar at Siliserh lake.

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